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Alex Brown

Project Director

As project director, I manage non-engineering activities. I was drawn to SolarPack by the commitment to sustainability and motivation for realisitic sustainable transportation. When I am not working on the car I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends.


Taha Ahmed

Aerodynamics  Lead

As the aerodynamics team lead, I manage a team of engineering students to design and manufacture the exterior shell of our solar-powered car. We prioritize minimum drag and low weight to maximize the efficiency of our car. I am a 3rd-year aerospace engineering student who joined SolarPack because of my passion for cars and to apply my classroom knowledge towards building a solar-powered car. Outside of academics I enjoy motorsports and skiing.


Nathan Wade

Structures Lead

As the structures team lead, I manage a team of students whose responsibility is to model, test, and fabricate the chassis, roll cage, and other mechanical structures of the car. I am currently a senior in mechanical engineering, and I joined SolarPack right after my sophomore year. I took over as team lead after my junior year and have really enjoyed all my time here. I can see how my classroom skills translate into real-world environments, and how I can contribute to promoting sustainability. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking, and learning geometry with your mom. 


Mithoon Sabap

Vehicle Dynamics Lead

As the vehicle dynamics team lead I oversee the development of mechanical aspects within the car, involving systems such as suspension, steering, and powertrain. I have been interested in cars and racing since I was a kid, And SolarPack was a great opportunity to combine my passions for automotive mechanics and environmental sustainability. My other hobbies include music, camping, and scuba-diving.


Sean Harris

Technical Director

As technical director, I manage the engineering operations of the team and create timelines that allow us to achieve our goals with each car. As a mechanical engineering student minoring in renewable energy, I find myself constantly thinking about how we can become more sustainable. This is exactly what caused me to become a member of SolarPack and it is also what drove me to my current position. Outside of SolarPack, I enjoy playing soccer, listening to music, and playing a variety of card games.


Samuel Klein

High Voltage Lead

As the High Voltage team lead, I oversee the vehicle systems involved in the charging and use of the battery pack, including the motor and motor controller. As a third year electrical engineering student and long-time fan of electric vehicles, SolarPack has been a great way to combine academics and passion. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and trying to cook.


Connor Wayman

Low Voltage Lead

As the Low Voltage team lead, I manage the systems of the car that allow it to charge using solar energy. After building solar cars in high school, I wanted to continue down that path, with SolarPack being the best opportunity for that. In my free-time, I enjoy tinkering with electronics and building PCs with friends.


Gerbrand Poster

Business Lead

As the business team lead, I oversee sponsorship, finance, social media, and outreach events for SolarPack. I am a sophomore majoring in English who joined SolarPack in my freshman year after talking to Chris at the Winter involvement fair. I love working with engineers--they are very sensible and have a different perspective than the humanities students I am used to. There are few things cooler or more environmentally beneficial than solar cars, and I revel in building excitement for them in potential sponsors. Outside of SolarPack I enjoy good books, fine cuisine, and indolence.

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