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Project Director

As Project director, I manage non-engineering activities. I was drawn to SolarPack by the commitment to sustainability and motivation for realistic sustainable transportation. When I am not working on the car I enjoy cooking and spending time outside. 


Aerodynamics  Lead

As the SolarPack aerodynamics team lead, I manage a team of talented mechanical and aerospace engineers to create the exterior shell of our solar-powered car. I’m an aerospace engineering graduate student with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a minor in art and graphic design. Outside of academics, I enjoy all things mechanical or aerospace, I’m a big-time hockey fan and I’m obsessed with motorsports.


Structures Lead

As the structures team lead, I manage a team of engineering students to design, model, and test the chassis of the car. I’m a 4th-year mechanical engineering student and I first got involved with SolarPack because I loved the idea of being able to apply my engineering skills to such an innovative and sustainability-focused project. When I’m not working on the car, I enjoy spending time with my friends and teaching myself to skateboard.



Technical Director

As the technical director, I cover the engineering operations of the team and pay close attention to our timelines. Sustainability and green energy are an important aspect of my career aspirations which I am able to pursue as a student through SolarPack and my work performing energy audits with the IAC on campus. Outside of work and SolarPack, I enjoy going to concerts, snowboarding, and visiting the latest exhibition at the NCMA.


Electrical Lead

As SolarPack’s electrical lead, I manage a team of diverse students who design, build and test the electrical system of the car from the solar panels to the main battery pack. I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student who joined SolarPack because of my passion for cars and sustainability. I enjoy taking the engineering knowledge I learn in the classroom and applying it to build an innovative solar car that promotes the use of renewable energies. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and biking.


Systems Architecture Lead

As a Junior in Computer Engineering, I’m right at home working on our car’s low voltage circuits. When I’m not working on the car, I play rugby for state and enjoy hiking, photography, and wakeboarding.

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