The Team

SolarPack consists of over 40 diligent and driven students looking to promote the advent of sustainable transportation. Our members are constantly innovating and problem-solving. Though we are a young team, having only existed for over two years, we've established a bond and foundation that we hope continues for many generations of our pack. Read more about our leaders below and help us on our journey to success by becoming a sponsor or donating. 

Structures Lead:

Emma Bartlett

Emma Bartlett  is the team lead for the Structures Team. Her goal is to utilize all members of her team in the best way possible for the team and for the individual.  Everyone has a unique skill-set, and she tries to give tasks to each member to maximize the team’s productivity and workflow. She values communication above all else on Structures and SolarPack because being on the same page is a fantastic skill. 

Aerodynamics Lead:

Nate Browning

Nate Browning is the Aerodynamics team lead.  His mission is to utilize the talents and skills of his team so that they can push forward SolarPack’s goal of helping create a more sustainable world. His team is focused on ensuring they create an aerodynamic design that maximizes the efficiency and performance of our vehicle. His team values hard workers, creative thinkers, team-oriented people, and committed individuals who are looking to better the world through our project. Aero has a diverse field of experience and are willing to help others learn whatever is needed to accomplish our goal. Aerodynamics focuses mainly on the outer shell of the solar car and team members can expect to work with CAD software, composite materials, testing, and much more! 

Vehicle Dynamics Lead:

Emily Solis 

Emily Solis is the Vehicle Dynamics lead and she wants to contribute to the success of the SolarPack mission by ensuring a strong mechanical set-up for our new car design. Her mission is to make sure the vehicle dynamics’ design decisions are thoroughly vetted so that we can build a competitive vehicle. She looks ahead to make sure her team has everything they need to succeed in the next step. She wants to see her team members built up to be competent machinists, designers, and technical writers. 


Systems Architecture Lead: Seth Hollandsworth

Seth Hollandswrorth is the Systems Architecture team lead. He is a senior double majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science. His mission for this team is to create tools that can integrate easily into any vehicle and to have its members realize that they are capable, and exceedingly competent, in making a project from the ground up. His team values interdisciplinary thinking, resourcefulness, and communication. Being able to solve a problem is often a combination of being able to find established solutions and talking with other team members to put all the parts together. Because most of the problems that Sys-Arch is solving is not strictly in one field, being willing to learn pieces of other disciplines is important in making robust systems.


The purpose of Systems Architecture is to model the car to help us plan and predict its performance when racing as well as to create electromechanical systems to control and monitor our car. This includes acquiring all information that is displayed to the driver like vehicle speed, motor rpm, and battery temperature. All of these pieces are crucial for ensuring an efficient and reliable car that performs as well as it looks.

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