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Solar Vehicle Team at NC State  

Striving to break barriers in the sustainable vehicle industry with a hardworking group of over 40 passionate students. Join us in our journey to a more sustainable future for transportation. 


Sustainable, Efficient, and Powerful.

As NC State's first solar vehicle team, we are aiming to show the world that solar energy can be used to power a car. Along the way, we are making a solar vehicle no other team has done before. 

We're trying to show the world that solar energy can be used to power a multi-occupancy car. We're building a vehicle no one has seen before. By doing so, we hope to prove that sustainable can be powerful.
As a team, we're constantly problem solving. Our members are developing the skills necessary to successfully and creatively solve issues we face throughout our build process.
Since we are doing something many other teams have not done, our team members are always innovating. We always make an effort to use our resources to bring our big ideas to life. 
Throughout our journey to success, we have been partnering with many companies and alumni to help guide us. We hope to build successful relationships with various companies as we promote the advent of energy efficient vehicles.
We take pride in the fact that we are representing the Research Triangle Area at our races, an area where leading research and development is constantly happening. We hope to embody the success of RTP with our vehicles.

Current Highlights

Follow our journey on our Instagram account @solarpacknc as we work to improve the future of sustainable transportation!

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